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Anita Waggoner was born in a small town in north central Washington state. She attended business-college in the Seattle area and worked for several years as a paralegal where she perfected her writing skills.

In 1996 after going through a lengthy and difficult divorce, the gutsy entrepreneur, with an extensive marketing and writing background, walked away from a privileged lifestyle and moved to a small Oklahoma town called Freedom. She invested in 3400-acres of land where she built and operated a western guest ranch and raised rodeo bulls for the next thirteen years.

While in Oklahoma, Anita and her business were regularly featured in several local publications and she appeared on local television shows Discover Oklahoma and Doc Geiger's Outdoor Sports. In 2004 reality TV came knocking and she worked for over a year with Telepictures and Warner Brothers Studio on the production of a reality television show about life on a dude ranch. Anita was subsequently featured in a National Enquirer story about the results of her reality TV involvement.

Anita wrote and published her first novel Farewell to Freedom in 2010 after she sold the ranch and returned to her home in Arizona. She continues to write stories and screenplays with a modern-day western flair. Anita rewrote the original novel Farewell to Freedom in 2019 and changed the story from fiction to a memoir she calls Freedom. Her books Freedom, Jam Packed, The Life Lies and Legend of a Gambling Man and Huckleberry Ridge are all available on Amazon. Anita’s stories are based somewhat on personal life experiences.

A creative, dedicated and tenacious individual, Anita writes novels, screenplays and short stories. Her published novels have received five-star reviews. The original Farewell to Freedom won for best fiction in a National Indie Excellence Book Awards competition in 2011. She was a winner in the Author’s Show contest 50 Great Writers You Should be Reading in 2012 and in 2015 her screenplay Farewell to Freedom was a semi-finalist in the Creative World Screenwriting Contest.

She has completed and is presently marketing a screenplay based on her novel Freedom and is working on scripts for The Life Lies and Legend of a Gambling Man and Huckleberry Ridge.

A maverick and outgoing, strong independent woman, Anita has accomplished a lot in life simply by using good judgment. She has a great foundation and the ability to show readers how to overcome hurdles and disappointments in their own lives. Her uncanny way of moving the story forward holds the reader’s interest. Once you open one of Anita’s books you won't want to put it down.