Farewell to Freedom by Anita Waggoner

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Anita Waggoner grew up in a small town in Eastern Washington. She attended business-college in the Seattle area, and was employed for several years as a paralegal where she sharpened her writing skills.


She published her first novel Farewell to Freedom in 2010.


Anita is a creative, dedicated, tenacious individual who writes novels, screenplays and short stories.


Her published novels have received five star reviews. Farewell to Freedom won for best fiction in the 2011 National Indie Excellence Book Awards Contest and she was named a winner in the 2011 Author’s Show contest 50 Great Writers You Should be Reading.


Her script Farewell to Freedom was a semi-finalist in the Creative World Screenwriting Contest in 2015.


Farewell to Freedom is a new day western written from a female’s point of view and is based on Anita’s true life experiences.


Her writing shows an ability to overcome life’s obstacles by sheer persistence.


She’s currently working on other screenplays based on her books Sabrina and The Ranch at Coyote Springs and hopes to complete Small Town Girl and Dakota Wells SOON!


Anita Waggoner is a maverick… an outgoing, strong independent woman who has accomplished much in life by simply using good judgment. She has a great foundation and the ability to show readers how to overcome hurdles and disappointments in their own lives.


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