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Anita Waggoner


Freedom is based on Author Anita Waggoner's true life story. She wrote the book and subsequent screenplay after living thirteen years on her ranch near the small country cow-town of Freedom, Oklahoma.


An odd couple from the get-go character's Cheyenne and Rowdy have an immediate connection when they meet in Las Vegas during the National Finals Rodeo. .When the wild weekend is over Rowdy calls to invite Cheyenne to visit him on his ranch near Freedom for New Year’s... and desperate to escape the heartache of a pending divorce she accepts his invitation and goes.


Cheyenne is happy to see Rowdy again. Keeping an open mind, she finds his lifestyle rather interesting and somewhat entertaining. He’s different than anyone she’s ever known. Rowdy is a good listener with charming ways and a great sense of humor. 


When the visit is over and Cheyenne leaves Freedom she can’t get Rowdy off her mind.


Feeling like he’s met the woman of his dreams, Rowdy pursues a relationship.  A love affair blossoms and Cheyenne returns to Freedom to stay.

When Rowdy suggests that Cheyenne buy into his fledgling rodeo bull business her life forever changes.

Initially their days are spent in the wide-open country riding in dirty old pickup trucks checking cattle and laughing until their jaws ached.


Life with Rowdy was simple in the beginning. There was no competition, no stress, no striving for success or climbing the corporate ladder.


Cheyenne adapted quickly to life in Freedom and learned to go with the flow. She enjoyed becoming a part of Rowdy’s world.

As time passes by their lifestyle differences become an issue and life in Freedom becomes a nightmare for Cheyenne.


Each day brings forth new challenges and obstacles. She faces each hardship head on and grows tougher by the day.


When Rowdy's behavior changes and he becomes a womanizer and a drunk Cheyenne falls out of love. She sells out and drives away leaving Rowdy alone and brokenhearted.

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