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"When I Get Over You"

By: Joni Harms




My greatest strength is my vivid imagination.


“You shouldn’t dream your film, you should make it” - Steven Spielberg


Film is a universal form of communication with the power to provoke and unite.

Storytelling is the most powerful form of communication there is. It makes us laugh and cry, changes our views of the world, shapes our personalities and defines us as humans. Because no form of storytelling is as powerful as film, I want to be part of the film industry... and to produce my film Farewell to Freedom simply to make a difference.

Stories and film are the best means by which we make sense of that within us and around us. While living on my Freedom ranch I had a strong desire to record the things that went on there.

Without film, my ideas will become nothing. Nothing is not enough. I intend to produce this film and to deliver an innovative, intelligent variation of the modern day western theme film based on my true-life experiences.


The film is an independent, hybrid “me-too” type female character driven film that involves complex characters and showcases their inner struggles. The character’s interpersonal relationships will make the film successful in specialty theaters, foreign markets and home video release.

Success will be based on the similarity to other films centered on country life, western music, rodeo, family and romance:  August Osage County, Crazy Heart, Eight Second Ride, Cowboy Up and the Longest Ride. These films and others demonstrate the market potential for Farewell to Freedom.

Production values will be several times greater than the budget. Our dedicated management team will ensure the production of a professional, high-quality, yet economical feature film.

The quality of this project will attract the best actors and we will select a cast from a wide variety of professionals with backgrounds in motion picture, television and theatrical experience. Our status as a financed low-budget feature will allow us to hire talented SAG actors.

Utilizing a talented, intelligent, experienced production team, combined with awareness and having a marketable script, will result in a superior market-worthy film.

Market Advantages:

1.     Farewell to Freedom will be presented as an entertaining and cost-effective film. Our commitment is to quality filmmaking and to putting every dollar on the screen. We will produce this low-budget feature with much higher production values on-screen than its budget might indicate.

2.     The storyline has international appeal, which can open doors to lucrative foreign markets.


3.     The relatively low cost of production will allow for an early return-on-investment.


By focusing efforts on the areas over which we have the most control; we will establish a successful track record and build a series of positive relationships that may give rise to opportunities for future ventures.

Although Farewell to Freedom could be filmed anywhere, the true story takes place in the State of Oklahoma. A wide breadth of filming locations can be found there, with everything from the trademark great plains and sweeping prairies to the unexpected lush forest, expansive plateaus and sand dunes. Film-friendly Oklahoma businesses are eager to offer up heartland hospitality to film productions, big and small and the Oklahoma Film and Music Office offers generous incentives.

This female-character-driven, high-quality low-budget, modern day western film will result in a finished product with value significantly higher than the amount of the financed budget.

The potential exists for a well-made film which will return a respectable profit. Everyone involved will be rewarded not only for their involvement in a successful business venture, but in the production of an award winning film similar to the classic Bridges of Madison County. Freedom will be viewed by many for years into the future.




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